Posted 15 hours ago

Found Dog ... see moresee less

This sweet guy found his way to my house today on White Rock Street in Saginaw. Has a collar but no tags. Looking for owner. Please message me if you have any information!

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Mark HeiseySee if he's answers to Maverick if he does I know who he belongs to call me 817-999-13538 hours ago

Sarah Bronikowskii believe there was a CL post ...someone looking for 2 huskies...saw it on fwacc12 hours ago

Melissa McKinzey CallahanHe's gorgeous!13 hours ago

Kelli Hall DougherI've seen one like this being walked at Willow Creek park.14 hours ago

Mark AkinsKelli Rasulo in Twin Mills is missing two huskies. Any one know her please tell her10 hours ago

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Posted 15 hours ago

Happy National Tequila Day! Shot or in a cocktail? ... see moresee less

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Sarah ClementMy birthday is national tequila day? whaaaaaaat! :) Joanne Castorena3   ·  15 hours ago

MichelleNkameron Hammis that even a question!!! its ALWAYS A SHOT!! lol1   ·  15 hours ago

Julia GilbreathNeither! Good Christians Don't Drink!! There are good Christians who live in Saginaw!!1   ·  15 hours ago

Shay BillingsDo we have to choose, can we not have a cocktail with a shot on the side???? :P1   ·  15 hours ago

Robyn DeanShot, please. Silver tequila, dressed & chilled. ;)1   ·  15 hours ago

Kristi MaynorWow Julia Gilbreath, then just don't comment. Good Christians also don't judge. :/ I'm sure my husband will make me take a shot with him now. :D3   ·  12 hours ago

Tony AlonzoNeither. I enjoy my tequila chilled and served neat in a brandy snifter. You don't have to "shoot" good tequila. You can sip it.5 hours ago

Christina ReedBoth Please!!7 hours ago

Tammi Don RobinsonShot8 hours ago

Vanessa ArroyoMayra Martinez LiLi Arroyo Lupita Magdaleno Karina Ramirez Cindy Ramirez8 hours ago

Karen Hinton KingEither!!!9 hours ago

Mark MahanShots for all!!!!!15 hours ago

Darren FrazierNeither, the stuff will kill ya.15 hours ago

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Posted 2 days ago

The perfect backyard grill to cook your hot dogs on! #NationalHotDogDay ... see moresee less

I think your engine has a rod knock?

I think your engine has a rod knock?

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Mallory SlatesJustin Wesley Britni we need this for the track lol2   ·  1 day ago

Mike LeeHot dog/rod1   ·  2 days ago

Joel CruzYou might be a red neck if...2 days ago

Thomas ChakrathoukJeff Lowrance2 days ago

Mike MillerI want it2 days ago

Tuesday MillerMike Miller2 days ago

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