2013 Saginaw Bond Election

As of May 14th the bridge proposition has passed.

On Tuesday, February 19th, the Saginaw City Council approved Ordinance No. 2013-02, calling a Bond Election to be held on Saturday May 11, 2013 for the purpose of issuing and selling bonds in the principal amount of $24,000,000.

The bonds are for constructing, improving, extending, expanding, upgrading, and developing streets and roads, bridges, overpasses and intersections including utility relocation, landscaping, sidewalks, traffic safety and operational improvements, drainage, the purchase of necessary right-of-way, and other related costs.

Artist rendering of 287/Bailey Boswell bridge.



The City Council has a Bond Advisory Committee.

The committee members are as follows:

Mr. Patrick Farr, Chairperson
Mr. Chris Carter
Mr. Ronnie Coulson
Mr. H. D. Davis
Mr. Bill Flippo
Ms. Sherri Hart
Mr. Matthew Lewis
Ms. Karen McClanahan
Dr. Fred Napp
Mr. Monte Nichols
Mr. Fred Stewart
Mr. Chris Wagner
Ms. Donna Webb