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Saginaw, Texas businesses face a unique challenge reaching local residents. Many residents receive their daily dose of Saginaw, Texas news, weather and event information via Facebook, Twitter and this web site vs local newspapers. As a business owner it’s important to understand how to reach this growing audience and convert them to new customers for your business.

This site has been online for over 5 years and is one of the most popular online destinations for Saginaw , Texas information. In 2014 generated over 135,214 page views from 50,042 unique visitors and we also reach over +22,000 fans on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Where do you place your bets?

When it comes to online advertising, it’s important to maximize your advertising dollar by targeting the sites where your customers visit frequently. Learn where your customers are spending time by Googling common area searches and make note of the sites listed at the top of the results. These sites are typically capturing the vast majority of new users.

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Saginaw Texas                              #7 out of about 1,810,000 results

Saginaw Texas News                  #2 out of about 2,590,000 results

Saginaw Tx                                   #8 out of about 1,800,000 results

Saginaw Texas newspaper               #1 out of about 78,300 results