Boswell Teacher Raises Awareness for Organ Donation Through Kidneypallooza Events

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Sam Trevino

via: EM-S ISD

To see Sam Trevino in a classroom, no one would think that this healthy, vibrant teacher and coach is the same man who spent 17 years on dialysis, had learn how to talk again after a stroke, and now is thriving due to a kidney transplant.

Trevino was diagnosed in his young teen years with glomerulonephritis, a kidney disease in which the part of your kidneys that helps to filter waste is damaged.  He continued to play competitive soccer throughout high school and into college before his body stopped him.  He then continued his life for the next 17 years, enduring four hours of dialysis on a daily basis.

After a stroke that caused damage to the part of his brain that controls speech, Trevino met a nurse who was a successful transplant recipient, and she inspired him to investigate the possibility of a kidney transplant.  Against the odds, his wife was a match and donated one of her kidneys to Trevino on June 22, 2010.

Since this time, Trevino and his wife have raised awareness for organ donation with their Kidneypallooza events.  The first event was created by his wife and their friends to help raise money for Trevino’s kidney transplant and to cover costs for both he and his wife as they couldn’t work during the surgery and recovery.  They designed t-shirts that read, “Mi kidney es su kidney” and one with a dancing kidney with the caption, “Urine Inspiration!” Trevino fondly calls his new kidney, “Kinney.”


Trevino teaches Spanish and coaches soccer at Boswell High School.  He started teaching with Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD in August 2007 at Saginaw High School.  He takes a personal day every year and presents his story of health challenges and triumph to Saginaw High School students in Selena Vega’s anatomy classes.  His presentation is entitled “U-rine Inspiration” as he credits his students for the inspiration to keep going and push through to recovery.

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