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Saginaw Bulk Brush and Trash Pick-Up

The City of  Saginaw offers free bulk brush, tree limb and trash pick-up service twice a year in the second week of April and October.  The service is provided by IESI of North Texas.

Bulk is limited to what two men can pick up in a 5 minute period and includes the removal of large items such as furniture, stoves,  water heaters, heating units, and any other appliances or similar bulky items from residential properties.

Bulk item’s must be out by the curb by 7:00 a.m. on Monday,  October 10th, 2011 and can take several days for the trucks to canvas the entire city.

Brush and limbs bundled and not longer than four (4) feet in length or over 50 pounds will be picked up with regular garbage service.

Refrigerators, freezers, and air conditioner units will only be picked up if the resident supplies a certificate from a certified technician that CFCs (chlorinated fluorocarbons) have been properly removed.  The landfill will not accept the appliance without a certification tag nor will IESI pick it up.

If you have carpeting, flooring, or any construction material, these items can be picked up for a fee and you will need a supervisor to give an estimate on the charge.  You will need to call IESI at 817-222-2221 to schedule the estimate and the material must be curbside.  No IESI employee will go onto your property to take a look at the material.

*Update: IESI has merged with two other trash companies and is now called “Progressive Waste Solutions”. This change of identity will not impact any levels of service or your current contacts with the company.

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