Saginaw Child Murder Suspect Booked into Tarrant County Jail

We’re getting our first look at child murder suspect Tyler Holder since he was arrested on July 23.

The 17-year-old is accused of killing Alanna Gallagher, his six-year-old Saginaw neighbor. Her body was found wrapped in a tarp in the street on July 1.

Holder has now been booked into the Tarrant County jail. He had been hospitalized after being wounded in an exchange of gunfire at his home when he allegedly resisted arrest.

The suspect’s mug shot shows him with what appears to be a bruise under his right eye and bandages covering his neck, which was where he was shot.

Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Terry Grisham said Holder is in a single cell because his crime involves a child. He is in a special medical isolation area of the jail to deal with his injuries.

Arlington police Detective Charles Lodatto was also wounded in that encounter and is recuperating.

Holder is charged with capital murder and attempted capital murder.

via: WFAA