Sunshine Herbs Health Store – Saginaw Texas

sunshine-herbsSunshine Herbs Health Store in Saginaw, Texas has been a longtime fixture of this growing city.  Originally located on the south end of Bus 287/Saginaw Main, they now reside in the Boswell Town Center next to Albertson’s grocery store on the north end of town.  While carrying a vast selection of herbs, vitamins and natural dietary supplements, the major draw is their purified drinking water (H2O+O2).  Although the City of Saginaw water (provided by the City of Fort Worth) has a “Superior” rating, Sunshine Herbs has taken purifying the water a few steps further with an in house filtration system.  Sunshine Herbs utilizes a reverse osmosis system consisting of a 13 step filtration process as well as adding oxygen.  What this means for you the consumer is some of the best tasting, top quality oxygenated water every time, free of contaminates, chemicals and hard metals.  Filling your 5 gallon plastic bottles, milk jugs or personal water bottles is self serve (available 24 hours), for your convenience they also sell bottles of all sizes in the store.

Sunshine Herbs Health Store

High quality supplements, purified drinking water, health foods and more.
1205 N. Saginaw Blvd. Ste. H Saginaw, Texas 76179
817-232-4372 (herb)
Hours: Mon-Fri 10am-7pm
Sat 10am-4pm
Closed Sun
Web: Sunshine Herbs Health Store
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Next to: Albertsons

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