The Pumpkin People of Saginaw Texas

The Pumpkin People of Saginaw, Texas love Halloween and love carving pumpkins!


The Pumpkin People of Saginaw, Texas love Halloween and love carving pumpkins!  They are a family that spends many, many hours in the weeks leading up to Halloween carving as many pumpkins as they possibly can.  Their handiwork can be seen on display in the front yard of their house on October 31st.

The family has been doing this for many years, with their pumpkin display’s steadily growing to 50+ carved pumpkins each year.  They use stencils, but sometimes make their our own patterns.  They use simple tools that come in the Pumpkin Masters pattern sets, and yes, they use real pumpkins.

In 2010, their “Haunted Carousel” pumpkin won 1st place in a nationwide contest.  The family has a Facecebook page, and welcomes anyone and everyone to walk by the house and take pictures of all of the hard work they put into the Halloween holiday.

Pumpkin People of Saginaw



To see the pumpkins in person on Halloween night:
512 Willowview Dr
Saginaw Texas 76179

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