This is just ridiculous!

Hi, my name is Curtis Jordan we are Saginaw residents we have a son Wade and he has cerebral palsy.. he also uses a wheelchair.  Friday night Aug 24th  my family went to eat at Applebees…  It’s bad enough that we have to deal with people in our community that just don’t think about the effect they have on our day to day activities and occasionally
don’t leave enough room to pass by safely..usually we don’t say anything because we understand that it’s not something everyone thinks about.  But that night we found this!! This is just ridiculous! I understand that he was there on business. But come on! I’m sure you aren’t needing to block TWO handicap accessible spots..if we were using Wade’s power wheelchair then there is no way we would of got out of the van safely… Really?!?  We have to deal with a police officer taking up the spots?!?!

Frustrated Parents

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Saginaw police

via 3E Love’s Wheelchair Heart


On Friday at approximately 7 p.m., a family decided they were going to go out to dinner at Applebee’s in Saginaw, Texas. Their son, who has Cerebral Palsy, uses a wheelchair and modified van for his mobility needs. The parking lot was packed and one of two van accessible parking spots was available for them.

The other accessible spot was being used by Car 97 of the Saginaw Police Department. His vehicle was using one spot and blocking most of the reserved area for side ramp entry. His vehicle was also blocking some of the curb cutout entrance to the restaurant.

The family wanted to give the officer the benefit of the doubt and asked the restaurant if there was an emergency. They said it was not an emergency, it was just a call to talk about an argument that occurred earlier.

Why could the officer not have parked elsewhere, or at least straightened up his vehicle?

One family member knocked on his window and said, “I know you are here on business, but if we had had our son’s power wheelchair, we would not have been able to get out of our van. We have to deal with this stuff every single day, and then to see a police officer parked in this spot, well it just makes us feel like crap.”

He would not look at her when she spoke. Instead he fiddled with his computer and other gadgets in his car. All he said was “uh huh” and “okay”. No apology or excuse.

This is disgusting and in our opinion, needs to be addressed. Not just this specific situation, but abuse of accessible parking in general. This is just one instance, but it happens all over all the time. It’s even worse that the police departments don’t always enforce the law, but even abuse it!

Please share with your friends and educate them. Comment here with your experiences and how you think our community can address this topic.